tinktinkmckay said: August

I am not August alsina.
but, I think he is single.

tinktinkmckay said: Are you single


So imma just, yeah.

All throughout Aug’s sickness/recovery, I’ve been here just watching, commenting on certain Instagram post and doing a whole lot of praying. I haven’t tumblred in a while due to my schedule, but I’m just happy to say that I’m glad that aug is back doing him. When I saw that video of him fall off stage and hit his head that alone was enough to make me be like..”fuck.” I didn’t really want to see pictures of aug in a hospital/hospital bed because I was scared (dramatic, I know)

Like I said before, I’m so happy that my baby fatha is back in action, doing what he does best and that is him.

I just want him to keep himself healthy as he can, and do right by himself. Sometimes you gotta stop grinding for a moment to take care of yourself!


Classic throwback




His brother Travis by his side

He moved his bed to the window so the fans waiting outside could see him and take pics. The fans that spoke to him on the phone literally travel from state to state to see him in concert, so it’s was very nice of him to do this for them!